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Bing and Cortana predict Oscar winners days ahead of event

Bing is back with another round of predictions, and this time it's for the 87th Academy Awards. Not only can you find a prediction for Oscar winners by going to https://www.bing.com/oscars, but Microsoft has also added features to Bing relating to the star-studded event through related searches.

Bing has had a pretty decent track record for predictions, correctly predicting the outcome of the Scottish referendum last year, as well as a majority of the games in The 2014 FIFA World Cup and being pitted against NFL games, correctly predicting the Patriots Super Bowl win.

Over at the Bing Blog, the team writes "You can use our experience to explore more about the films, actors, directors, songs and cinematographers nominated for these awards. You can also watch trailers, and even find nominated songs to listen to." The video below describes the features in detail.

The team further explains, "after taking on the big sporting events, reality shows and elections with our predictions engine, we turned our attentions last week to the GRAMMYs. This week, we've put Bing to work predicting the Oscars -- but with a twist: Think you can beat Bing’s predictions? Choose who you think deserves Oscar-night glory, then use your personal Bing Oscar ballot to pick your winners and pit your choices against Bing and the Academy".

You can grab the Oscar Ballot here, but here are just some of Bing's predictions:

  • Best Picture: Birdman
  • Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything
  • Best Actress: Julianne Moore, Still Alice
  • Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, Whiplash
  • Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette, Boyhood
  • Best Director: Richard Linklater, Boyhood
  • Best Visual Effects: Interstellar

Of course, Cortana is also getting in on the action because she's powered by Bing. Ask her "Who's going to win the Oscar for *category*?" and she'll give you an answer and explain a bit of her reasoning. However, she isn't as comprehensive as Bing is, with obscure categories lacking responses.

Unfortunately, Leonardo DiCaprio will again miss out on an Oscar this year, as he took a break from filming altogether in 2014, but he'll be back later this year with two films. 2016 could be HIS YEAR!

Source: Bing | Image (1) Academy Awards via Shutterstock (2) Warner Bros

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