Microsoft Launcher 5.6 beta revamps the settings page, adds more features

Microsoft has been consistently improving the experience for its Launcher on Android devices. After adding support for consistent icon shapes - which Microsoft called adaptive icons -, the ability to hide the app dock, and more with version 5.5, it's time for another round of improvements. If you're part of the beta program, version 5.6 is now making its way to your phone.

This update includes a few enhancements, and the changelog on the Play Store oddly mentions support for adaptive icons again. With that being said, there are some new features, such as the ability to add flagged e-mails from Outlook to a dedicated list on the Tasks card. This feature is inherited from Microsoft To-Do, which already does the same thing, but now you don't need to use that app for this feature to work.

Additionally, if you have Teams meetings on your calendar, you can now join them directly from the Calendar card in the Feed page. A similar feature has been making its way to the Outlook mobile apps, so this is just another way to converge Microsoft features into a single location.

Lastly, Microsoft has redesigned the settings page of the launcher, and it looks significantly different now. The header section with large buttons is gone, and all of the options on the main page have a colored icon next to them, somewhat similar to the system settings in Android Pie. Microsoft has also removed some of the redundancy of the settings navigation, where some settings may be available through two different paths.

If you're interested, you can get the latest version of Microsoft Launcher from the Play Store, where you can also sign up for the beta program to get the new features right now. Otherwise, you can wait a little longer until they make their way to everyone.

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