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Microsoft: Local currency options on Xbox Live avatars an "error"

Earlier this year, a rumor hit the Internet that claimed Microsoft was going to dump its current Microsoft Points system for purchasing items like downloadable games and avatars for the Xbox 360 console. Microsoft did not comment on the rumors at that time. This week, some Xbox 360 users saw that Xbox Live Avatar items had real money payment options, instead of Microsoft Points.

However, Microsoft is now saying this change to paying with real money amounts was a mistake. Gamesindustry.biz reports that, according to a statement from Microsoft:

This display error doesn't signal a change in payment options, but rather an error in how the offers were configured in our services which resulted in an inconsistent experience. It is in the process of being resolved.

The Microsoft Points system has been criticized since its launch several years ago, with users complaining that the system is confusing when they purchase points with real currency. Microsoft also is not consistant in terms of using Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. For example, downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games are paid for in Microsoft Points, but full retail games that are also available for download on the Xbox 360 console use real world currency.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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