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Samsung's Note 2 could come with semi-flexible screen

The Galaxy Note is pretty famous among Android handsets for having a massive screen. Having been lauded as some kind of joke from Samsung, people seemed to overlook the fact it actually was a pretty decent phone.

As one of Samsung's top-tier handsets, the Note didn't seem as popular as the Galaxy SII, which was promoted as their flagship. A second Galaxy Note is in the works, and if rumors are to be believed, it could have a flexible screen. Samsung is already expected to be refreshing the Note on August 29th, but other information about a refresh remains sparse.

It's pretty obvious that the Note 2 will act as an improvement to the original, but just how are Samsung going to make it happen?

If the screen was flexible, it could pave the way to some clear changes. The phone could pack a larger battery, or possibly be thinner. Flexible screens sound futuristic, but the concept is surprisingly feasible in the modern world. Whether the public adapts to enjoy and appreciate their benefits or not would be open to debate.

If Samsung chooses to introduce such functionality with the Galaxy Note 2 it should be interesting. The Note phones, which gained the term 'phablets', didn't really score with the public as quickly as their smaller brethren. Those who own a Galaxy Note often grow to love the size of their phone. Eventually owners seem to adapt, finding that any reduction in size is a downgrade for their needs.

The monstrous 5.3" screen is nothing to be laughed at. If a new model provided some new technologies alongside the screen the Note might become a little bit more of a player in the market. Our own Tim Schiesser reviewed the original Galaxy Note, describing it as 'ridiculously enormous'. A refresh could maintain the same enormity, but bring some more features of its own.

Source: Mashable

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