Microsoft: people don't need copy and paste in Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has again commented on copy and paste for Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S) saying that "people don’t do that".  This expression was concluded by their research that most people do not actually need the functions. 

According to Engadget, Microsoft states that they have “system wide data detection service which recognizes things like phone numbers and addresses so you can take action on them. Third-party apps can hook into this service, so that an email address can be routed to the email client of your choice, but there's no copy and paste functionality.”

When asked further about using WPS7 with Office, Microsoft stated that most people only want to view documents and comment on them but not actually manipulate the text.  Because of this, they elected to not include the feature on the OS.

Long Zheng speculates that Microsoft is planning to include copy and paste functionality at a later date.

While Apple did get away with not having copy and paste for initial generations of its phone, it did eventually add it in because due to customer demand. For Microsoft, it’s a step backwards, their current OS supports this function and so do their competitors. 

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