Microsoft pokes fun at the Macbook Air in new Surface Pro 4 ad

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft used the Surface Pro 4 to take some potshots at the iPad Pro, with Apple's device claiming to be a computer just by having a keyboard. It seems that the Redmond giant is still not done with its rival, as it has now released another Surface Pro 4 ad, comparing it against the Macbook Air.

The ad features a musical comparison between the two devices. Microsoft highly emphasizes the points where the Macbook Air falls short, but where its own tablet excels, like a detachable keyboard, a touchscreen, and a pen to use to write on the screen. The ad even takes time to create some cute, Seussian rhymes, saying that 'This Mac doesn't have any of that, it's less useful, like a hat for your cat." Though maybe that's just Microsoft poking fun at Mailkimp.

Microsoft goes on to say that the Macbook Air is "slower, heavier, and a bit square," compared to the Surface Pro 4, which it claims is "lighter than air." It concludes the ad, saying that "Surface does more, just like you."

With these kinds of ads being released, it's always fun to see Microsoft and Apple poke fun at each other while promoting their devices. With back to school deals becoming available for many students, such an ad could help buyers decide what to buy for their next computer.

Source: Surface

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