Microsoft research project brings gesture support to the keyboard

A Microsoft research project has revealed how integrating gestures on a keyboard can greatly enhance user efficiency within the workplace. The prototype device enables hover gestures such as “swipe” and “pinch to zoom” to quickly and effectively navigate between programs on Windows 8. The movements are also compatible within individual applications such as Bing Maps and Office, as well as demonstrating the potential for gaming without the need for a controller.

Currently in prototype form, the keyboard features sensors between key caps that allow for an accurate interpretation as to the position of the hand. The system is capable of “robustly recognizing a large set of challenging gestures” retrieved from a database that is set to grow over time. The device identifies high resolution movements promising accurate results when in practice.

Although in early stages, the keyboard looks promising. The prototype has shown it works on small form factor keyboards, and the technology does not compromise the aesthetics that we pride our workspaces on. It will be a while before we see this product at our local store's but its a good start.

If you are thinking this looks familiar, it should, as the Touch covers for Surface 2 have similar set of features but the difference here is that the gestures are working on a more traditional keyboard. We should note, out of jest of course, that the keyboard in use appears to be one from Apple.

Source: YouTube | Image via Youtube

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