Microsoft shows off the new start screen for WP7.8 on the Lumia 900

Microsoft has had a big day, today, and announced a plethora of new features coming to Windows Phone 8. The company also announced that current handsets won't get Windows Phone 8, but will get a subset of supported features, including the new home screen. 

AnandTech reports that Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Windows Phone showed off what the new start screen looks like in action on his Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.8, and maybe it's not so bad after all. Microsoft is pretty tight lipped on what's actually coming to Windows Phone 7.8, but here's hoping it's more than just the new start screen.

No word on release date for either Windows Phone 7.8 or Windows Phone 8, but we've got a slew of new features that have been announced for the latter, anyway. Are you excited for the new OS?

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