Microsoft Surface 2.0 revealed

At an early peek before their keynote at CES 2011 later today, Microsoft showed a "Surface 2.0" device off on stage to the press.

Microsoft Surface was revealed a few years ago, as a massive table computer which failed to take hold in the market, with only a few thousand devices being shipped. The technology is now becoming dated, as it ran on Windows Vista, and had not been updated since it's first official debut. 

Today, when Microsoft showed off it's new "Surface 2.0" device, it was a mountable interactive LCD screen, with the "largest piece of gorilla glass in any device" according to CrunchGear, who say that “You can drop a beer bottle on this this from 18 inches without making so much as a dent.” Every pixel in the new Surface device is a sensor, using a technology called "Pixel Sense" which allows the device to "see" things, though Microsoft isn't letting on how that works yet.

In the same early peek, Microsoft also showed off Windows 8 running on System on a Chip architecture, and we revealed the build numbers that Microsoft is using internally right now.

Not much more is known about the device or software right now, but we expect to see more tonight at Microsoft's Keynote, which we'll be covering live at 6pm PST.

Image Credit: Long Zheng / CrunchGear

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