Microsoft Surface banner ads offer premature pre-orders

Microsoft has launched street art and outdoor banner ads for the Surface tablet and on Monday night, it launched a dance-filled TV commercial for the Windows RT-based product. Now web banners ads have begun to pop up for the Surface. started displaying the ads earlier this morning, with a promise that pre-orders for the Surface table were now available. The problem? If you click on the banner ads, at least for now, they don't take you to a way to pre-order the tablet.

Instead, it takes you to a search page on Microsoft's Bing service created by the search string "surface microsoftstore". Yes, that's one word (you should see a link to a certain website in that search page). It looks like the ads were posted up prematurely, ahead of Microsoft's official pre-order reveal for the tablet.

Still, all of this activity shows that Microsoft is this close to finally offering the Surface for sale, which means we are also very close to learning what the final price will be for tee Windows RT tablet. Hopefully, we should learn that information, and a lot more, about the Surface later today. In the meantime, keep an eye out to see if the Microsoft Store website will begin to take orders for the Surface.

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