Microsoft unveils guides to Windows

Microsoft on Tuesday released blueprints designed to help technology managers install Windows more efficiently and at a lower cost. The software titan issued five guides that businesses can use for a variety of tasks, including patch management or installing new desktop applications companywide. The Redmond, Wash.-based company calls the suite of guides Microsoft Solutions for Management.

Michael Emanuel, senior product manager for Microsoft's Management Group, said the guides will help large businesses with scenarios they might encounter on an ongoing basis. Truncated versions of the guides are free, while customized versions with additional services are available from systems integrator Avanade or through Microsoft Consulting

In addition to helping businesses, Microsoft is trying to narrow their focus to Windows and other Microsoft technologies. With IT budgets shrinking, more companies are focusing on total cost of ownership. By defining some best practices to give companies a jumpstart, Microsoft wants IT managers to think of Windows as the best way to lower total costs.

In a survey released Friday of 75 U.S. and 25 European chief information officers, Merrill Lynch found that "almost two-thirds are trying to reduce their IT spending as a percent of company revenue. We think this puts a lid on improvement next year."

In theory, by working with tested scenarios for which costs already have been estimated, companies can lower the total cost of ownership by reducing mistakes or waste when deploying Microsoft software in the enterprise.

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