Microsoft will give you 11 pizzas for free if you optimize your website

The life of a web developer is a lot like trying to shoot a moving target while riding on the back of a horse going downhill near a canyon cliff edge. With many different browsers on the market and a need to support them all, building a website can become a complicated task. Not to mention, you now have to account for trends (such as being responsive) and factor all of this in to an environment that is presented front and center to the consumer.

Microsoft clearly knows that supporting a wide range of browsers is not fun and can cause more headaches than a screaming toddler on a trans-Atlantic flight. The Internet Explorer team is posing a challenge to web developers to improve their page-load performance by 11% and if you do, Microsoft will send you "some 11 goodness."

What can you win? Well, how about 11 pizzas for your team, 11 copies of Parallels and 11 one-year subscriptions to browserstacks. That’s right, Microsoft will ship you pizza to improve your site.

The challenge is an interesting twist on the usual "keep your site updated to the latest browser standards." Naturally, if many sites can improve their speed for IE11, or any other browser, it's a net-win for the consumer.

Microsoft has released new tools today too on to help you improve your site performance which should help meeting the 11% challenge, a bit easier.

We know it’s not always fun to update your existing code but if you can get 11 pizzas for your dev team, it could be an easy way to score dinner for free by completing a little bit of extra work.

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