Microsoft's latest Surface commercial is destined for the big screen

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is selling well, possibly more than two million of all types of Surfaces were sold last quarter and to keep that momentum going, the company has released a new commercial. This commercial follows Microsoft's tacky, yet successful, holiday promo video.

The advertisement, which is exactly 30 seconds long, will likely end up being run on the major TV networks. Unlike the previous commercials, which had used the theme 'Honestly' and a song by Sara Bareilles called Brave, this clip features a new song called 'Something's Happening To Me' by Arum Rae.

The commercial is titled 'Reinvent' and focuses on the attributes of the devices such as its storage, the physical footprint and the pen.

While the company is not officially saying how well the device is selling, we do know that the Surface brand is now a billion dollar business for Microsoft. Knowing this, it's not surprising to see Microsoft pushing this device but we do wonder when we will hear about the next gen Surface with a Broadwell chip inside.

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