Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser is now available for 32-bit devices

While Microsoft released the first big update for its Edge Dev branch today, it also released an update for Edge Canary, bringing it to version This isn't surprising, since Edge Canary is updated daily.

The big change today is that you can now install it on a 32-bit PC. Previously, it was only available for AMD64 Windows 10 devices.

Of course, this means that you can install it on a Windows 10 on ARM PC as well, since those support x86 emulation. However, you probably wouldn't want to, since emulated browser performance isn't very good. Browsers generate code in real-time, which is hard to cache. It's probably better to wait for the native ARM64 build, which is coming.

It's still only formally supported on Windows 10, although some have claimed that it runs fine on older versions of the OS. Eventually, it will also be supported on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and even Windows 8, which hasn't been supported since 2016. There's also a version coming for macOS, although there's no word on when that's coming.

If you want to download Edge Canary, you can find it here.

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