Microsoft's IE team gets festive with new Penguin Mark website

Microsoft's Internet Explorer team has celebrated the holiday season before with a demo website that was created to also be a web browser performance benchmark. In 2011, it featured a snow filled-image called, naturally, "Let it Snow". Today, Microsoft launched its 2012 holiday benchmark website and it also involves snow, plus some penguins.

The Penguin Mark site features a number of happy cartoon birds singing, oddly, The Chipmunk Song from Alvin and the Chipmunks (maybe the chipmunks themselves turned out to be too expensive to sign up). The official IE blog states:

This experience brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 capabilities like canvas, CSS3 animations and transitions, audio, WOFF, power and performance APIs, and more. Be sure to turn your volume up for maximum entertainment. The faster your browser, the higher your Penguin Mark score goes.

The team obviously believes people will get the best experience from Penguin Mark from using IE10 but any HTML5 browser should be able to run the website. As you can see, the penguins are wearing hats that show the logos of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Just be prepared to have that Chipmunks song in your head for a long. long time.

Source: IE blog | Image via Microsoft

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