Microsoft's mobile holoportation lets you transmit holograms from inside your car

One of the interesting applications to come out of Microsoft’s HoloLens division is the idea of “holoportation”. Using this technology, a person wearing a HoloLens can see another person as a hologram, leading to a very futuristic way of communicating.

Up until now though, holoportation required specially-designed rooms filled with cameras, and a high-speed internet connection. But Microsoft Researchers have managed to scale down some of the tech involved, especially in terms of bandwidth needed for data transfers, and managed to make holoportation into a mobile experience.

As you can see in the video above, engineers were able to rig a car with the required battery packs, cameras, and all the other pieces needed for this puzzle, and managed to transmit a hologram while on the move.

The team says it got bandwidth requirements down to 30-50 Mbps, a reported 97% reduction compared to their standard rigs. They were also able to use only two depth-sensing cameras, though the more of these you have the higher the hologram quality is.

The next obvious move, is to get those data rates even lower, where the system will be able to be used over a cellular connection.

If the research team is successful, we might soon be able to use devices like the HoloLens or the HTC Vive to talk to, look at, and walk around people or environments in real-time.

Source Microsoft Via: Walking Cat

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