Microsoft's Xbox One Day One unboxing video confirms headset is included

Hot on the heels of Microsoft releasing new videos showing off the Xbox One controller and its accessories, the company has now uploaded another video that shows Xbox Live programming head Larry Hyrb unboxing the Xbox One Day One edition from its retail packaging case.

The video, posted on YouTube, confirms that Microsoft will indeed include a mono chat headset in both the Day One and standard editions of the Xbox One console bundle. Microsoft had previously said its official headset would not be included with the Xbox One, but recently the company gave indications it was thinking about changing its mind on this subject.

Microsoft has not indicated it will raise the price of the Xbox One with the new headset addition. Microsoft is selling the headset as a stand alone product for $24.99.

As far as the rest of the video, Hryb shows that when the Xbox One Day One box is opened, the included Kinect sensor is on top, along with the console's controller, headset, a 4K capable HDMI cable, some paper manuals and an Xbox One sticker. Further into the box, Hyrb pulls out both the Xbox One power cord and its power brick. This would seem to be a repeat of what Microsoft did with the first version of the Xbox 360, which also had an external power supply. Finally, the bottom of the box has the Xbox One console itself.

Hryb goes over all of the ports on the Xbox One in the video, including a USB 3.0 port on the left side of the console as well as a binding port for setting up the controller. On the back, there's a power port, an HDMI port, optical audio out, HDMI in, two more USB 3.0 ports, the port for the Kinect sensor, an IR port and the Ethernet port. There's also a Kensington security lock on the back.

The Xbox One Day One version of the controller will have a Day One logo on top, as well as a chrome D-pad. Finally, the on-off power button on the Xbox One is Xbox logo itself which, when pushed, gives off a glow.

In a post on the Xbox Wire website, the Xbox One's director of product planning Albert Penello states that the console shown in the unboxing video is indeed one of the first retail production units and that currently less than 20 of them exist. He also says that the WiFi hardware inside the console supports A/B/G/N, along with dual-band 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies.

As far as the Xbox One's included HDMI cable, Penello says it is "... an actual Category 2 HDMI cable, rated for 1080P, 3D and 4K, according to the HDMI 1.4 spec." Finally, if a gamer connects the Xbox One controller to the console via the micro-USB cable, " ... the internal radio is actually shut off, transmitting data through the wire. You can even use the controller without batteries in this mode."

Microsoft is planning to launch the Xbox One in the US in November for the price of $499.99 but the company has still not revealed a specific release date.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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