Mother Kills Computer Game-Playing Adult Son

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A lot of weird videogames-related stories have been popping up lately. Today's weird story is unbelievable and quite tragic. Apparently, a mother in Israel actually stabbed her 26-year-old son to death in a dispute over his refusal to get off the computer and make his bed. The mother, Yelena Avramenko, 49, even later admitted to killing her son, Denis, and re-enacted the crime in front of investigators.

"I asked him a number of times to stop playing on the computer and to go and make his bed," the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot quoted the mother as saying. "After a while I saw him lying on his bed. I asked him again to make his bed but he just cursed me. I got angry and went to the kitchen, and in the heat of the moment I took a knife and stabbed him."

Currently, the mother is in police custody. It was also mentioned that both mother and son were unemployed and had arrived in Israel two years ago from the former Soviet Union.

Not to make light of the situation, but can you imagine being 26 and being told by your mother to make your bed?

News source: GamerFeed

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