MoviePass will start charging subscribers an extra $2 in July for movies it deems popular

AMC Theaters chided MoviePass' $9.95 monthly subscription plan in August last year for what the movie theater chain called an "unsustainable" offering and threatened legal actions against the company. Now, the movie ticketing service might be in for another flak as it plans to launch a "high-demand" pricing next month.

Business Insider reports that MoviePass will charge subscribers an additional $2 beginning in July for movies that the service considers to be popular with its users. MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe was quoted by Business Insider as saying that the move aims to help drive more traffic to the ticketing company's theater partners during the next week and weekend following a movie's opening weekend.

Another major change to MoviePass is reportedly set to happen by the end of August when subscribers will have the option to buy a ticket for a non-member moviegoer for a price close to the ticket's retail value. Additionally, MoviePass users will be able to choose to watch a movie in IMAX or Real 3D as part of a premium feature, an option that has not previously been available on the app. Of course, it will come at an added cost of between $2 and $6, according to Lowe.

At launch, it won't be possible to use both the bring-a-friend and premium options for the same movie, but Lowe promised that that would change in the future, adding that the two features will only be optional for MoviePass' annual plan subscribers. Also, the surge pricing won't apply to that same group of MoviePass users.

Source: Business Insider

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