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Facebook releases Messenger Kids in Canada and Peru with new features

Facebook has announced that its Messenger Kids app is now available in Canada and Peru. The app already launched in the U.S. last year. No matter where users are based, the app is available in English, Spanish, and French - all popular languages in the countries where the app is currently available. In addition, Facebook has introduced new features.

WIth the update, two parents will now be able to have control over their child’s account. This feature was introduced after parents sent feedback to the social networking firm requesting the feature. Facebook plans to add new features in subsequent updates which will be sourced from parents giving their feedback.

Another new addition is the Messenger Kids Pledge. This, and the subsequent features below, were developed in collaboration with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and a global group of advisors. The pledge is a list of guiding principles that encourages responsible use of Messenger Kids. Both the parents have to read and agree to the pledge which promotes being kind, being respectful, being safe, and having fun.

The last addition in this update are Kindness Stickers. They depict cartoon animals with small slogans such as “Cool”, “My BFF”, “Great Helper”, “Well Done”, as well as several other options which are all positive.

Facebook announced that it will be adding the Appreciation Mission soon, too. This is an interactive guide within the app that encourages kids to show appreciation to their friends and family. This is going to be part of the “Missions” section of the app which teaches children how to start a video call or send a photo.

Let us know in the comments, have you decided to use Messenger Kids yet, and would you like to see any new features added?

Source: Facebook

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