Mozilla Puts the Lid on Firefox 3.0 Beta Leak

Mozilla has urged visitors to their FTP site to ignore the widely publicized leak of Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 (RC) after the news broke earlier today on Visitors are now redirected to a page explaining why it's not cool to start using their latest browser before official quality control has reviewed and released the beta for public consumption.

Firefox 3 contains the highly anticipated "Places" extension that replaces Bookmarks and keeps tabs on your most frequently visited sites, effectively combining Bookmarks & History to an extent as well as revamped download and add-on managers. Users who managed to grab the beta before it was pulled have reported that almost all of their extensions do not work but plugins do and the new features more than make up for it.

The following announcement appeared on the Mozilla website:

At around 4am PST today, the last of the Firefox 3 Beta 1 release candidate builds appeared on our public FTP. This was mistakenly reported on Digg as the official release of the first Firefox 3 Beta. It's extremely flattering to get this sort of attention, and we know that it's motivated by the very best of intentions, but it does cause us three major problems:

  1. The release candidate builds have not been thoroughly tested by our QA group,
  2. we haven't completed all the steps required for a beta release (see below), and
  3. these builds aren't being mirrored properly on our servers.
Before a release candidate is released to the public we let our Quality Assurance team put it through a bunch of tests.

View: Full Announcment @ Mozilla Developer News

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