MPAA wins settlement in DVD copy case

Today the Motion Picture Association of America has settled a copyright infringement against 321 Studios. A lot of good this does 321 Studios now. Since last Friday 321 Studios went bankrupt trying to afford all the expensive court fees.

Motion Picture Association of America has spared no legal expense with the infringement suit filed against 321 Studios Back in 2002. As now the company that offered DVD copying software for consumers is no more. The software in question was "DVD X Copy" which allowed consumers to make backup copies of their movies (in case the original got destroyed or scratched). The MPAA didn't see it this way at all. Instead it labeled 321 Studios software as a tool to undermine the copy protection mechanism that prevents DVD backup.

In some weird way I agree with the MPAA. That "DVD X Copy" did undermined DVDs copy protection mechanism, but shouldn't the consumer have the right to backup his/her purchase. I believe the consumer should have the right to backup their DVD. Apparently so does the MPAA now. Not to long ago the MPAA announced that they're developing a DVD copying software. This was announced while the trial between 321 Studios and the MPAA was still underway. I find it messed up that the MPAA would seek to destroy 321 Studios "DVD X Copy" software, only to be making there own.

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