MS Systems Architecture 2.0

Dear MSA 2.0 Beta Tester,

The entire MSA team would like to thank you for your participation in the MSA 2.0 beta program. We received some incredibly valuable feedback and were able to make significant improvements to our guidance based on your comments and suggestions. Now, for your reward. The wait is over...

We're very pleased to announce that MSA 2.0 has been released and is now available on TechNet. Of course, even though your MSA 2.0 beta tester duties are officially over, we can't quite let you off the hook. Please - let us know what you think about the complete documentation set. Also, if you have found the MSA documentation useful in your work or end up using it on future projects, please email us with details regarding the value you derived from it. You can send your feedback and/or MSA success stories to Again, thanks so much for your contributions and "stay tuned" for future opportunities to participate in other MSA beta programs.


The MSA Team

View: Microsoft Systems Architecture Version 2.0 @ Technet

News source: ieXbeta

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