calls it quits

It seems that popular Xbox 360 Gamer Card generating site MyGamerCard has called it a day, citing poor Microsoft support for the Xbox community and lack of push that the Xbox Community Developer Program was getting from the company as some of the reasons behind the decision.

The site, which has been running for over five years, has long been a destination for many Xbox 360 gamers who wanted to get their gamerpoints and achievements out to public view on forums and websites. It was all thanks to MyGamerCard’s HTML generator system, that made this very easy to do.

MyGamerCard stated that a lack of advertising revenue on the site is the main reason for the closure, thanks mostly to the rise of websites that have been abusing the Xbox Community Developer Program’s rules and using “screen scraping” to gather additional data for their gamercard generator services that the site is not at liberty to do.

According to a new FAQ on the site, MyGamerCard tried to work out additional funding via donations, possible buyouts and through sponsorship from Microsoft, but right now the site says that none of these options have come to anything.

At its peak, the site had five million unique gamertags making use of the service, adding up to thirteen million daily requests on the servers. The move will affect millions of users of the free service who use the generated code for their forum signatures.

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