Nearly two months after pre-orders began, Surface Pro 2 tablets are in short supply

Just a few days ago, we reported that the Microsoft Store website was showing that the 32GB Surface 2 and the 512GB Surface Pro 2 were "out of stock". Now it appears that while there are new units of the 32GB Surface 2 tablet to buy from the website, it is now running out of the more expensive Surface Pro 2 models.

Currently, the site is showing that the $899 64GB version, along with the $1,299 256GB and the $1,799 512GB version, are all "out of stock". The only Surface Pro 2 model that's available to buy from the site is the $999 128GB version.

It's not just this site that is currently experiencing shortages of the Windows 8.1 tablet. Best Buy's webpage also shows that the 256GB and 512GB Surface Pro 2 tablets are "sold out online." The Staples site shows that the 512GB model is out of stock as well.

Add it all up and it appears as if demand for the Surface Pro 2, especially for the 256GB and 512GB models, is outstripping supply, close to two months after pre-order for the tablets began in September. Since we will soon be entering the biggest shopping period of the year, we have emailed Microsoft to get a status report on Surface Pro 2 tablet supplies and if there will be enough to meet demand in the next several weeks.

Source: Microsoft Store | Image via Microsoft

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