Neowin at Digital Life: PlayStation 3

Sony put a lot of focus on the PS3 this year and for good reason. With a large amount of the company's future riding on the video game system's hopeful success, they want to make sure every last person wants one to call their own. The system was being shown off on 40" Sony XBR2 LCD 1080p televisions. Graphically, the two games, NBA '07 and Resistance: Fall of Man, played smoothly and beautifully. The impressiveness of the graphics was definitely something that kept coming up in conversation between the convention guests. From the crisp textures to the liquid smooth animations, it was easy to see how powerful the PS3 really is.

However, graphics aside, the "wow" factor was missing. The players in NBA '07 looked NOTHING like their real life counterparts and really took away from the whole experience. Resistance: Fall of Man, while visually stunning, also failed to amaze. In terms of game play, Resistance came across as just another shooter offering nothing in the way of truly ground breaking game play.

Granted, I'm not a video game expert or professional reviewer, but neither is most of the general public. One can't deny the beauty of the graphical prowess offered by the PS3, however, if there is no game play innovation, should we be led to believe that the beauty is only skin deep?

Image: PlayStation 3

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