Neowin at Digital Life: Sony Mylo

Sony's WiFi answer to devices such as the Sidekick, the Sony Mylo, was on display at the edges of the Sony booth. I have to admit, I was extremely skeptical of the device from the moment I heard about it, but seeing it in person changed my mind a bit.

The Mylo is small, almost too small. If Sony were to make it a half an inch wider, it would probably be for the best, but I guess it's too late for that now. The keys are small too, though they are surprisingly easy to target and press. The screen itself, though small like the rest of the device, is also impressive. It showed good contrast and very good color depth. The UI, as a whole was very responsive and the built in Opera HTML browser loaded and rendered Neowin in a little under 10 seconds. Combine this device with the newly announced offer where all purchasers get a year of free access to T-Mobile hotspots and you have one handy, though slightly pricey, gadget. If it were a little bigger and a little less expensive, the Sony Mylo could actually be a suitable portable web solution.

Images: Neowin on the Mylo

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