Neowin AutoPatcher 4.2 (January Update)

How often do you install Windows XP? PC Crashes, Viruses, or even fixing other peoples systems... most people install XP regularly, whether they want to or not. After awhile, you get sick of going to Windows Update and continuously downloading patch after patch, update after update. Well, we have just the thing.

AutoPatcher XP is a comprehensive collection of patches & registry tweaks that give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Windows XP is up to date.

Info on version 4.2:

Full File Size: 217.0 MB (7z Executable)

Update Package Size: 24.8 MB (7z Executable)

Patcher Version: 4.2.32 Final - January Update



Install Time: 20 - 120 Min

Patches contained: 208

Download: AutoPatcher 4.2 (January Update)

View: AutoPatcher XP 4.2 Official Thread

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