Neowin Member Reviews: Kindle 3

This stellar review was written by Neowin Member Dark_Ph0enix. He takes a look at Amazon's Kindle 3.

I’ve owned my Kindle (3rd Gen, Wi-Fi only) for a exactly a week at this point (December 2nd, 2010). Having read two books so far on the device, as well as having spent some time ‘getting a feel’ for it, I figured it was perhaps time to write up a few thoughts. I’ve expanded from my original premise slightly, to include some thoughts on the actual ‘market’ that devices such as the Kindle are designed to serve, and why said marketplace, might end up holding the sale of e-book readers back.

As per usual, to anyone who knows me - I haven’t sat down and really ‘blocked out’ a narrative as such for this - ‘tis just a stream of thoughts and opinions. So with that little disclaimer.

Why I’ll still be buying books, even though I love my Kindle…

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