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Neowin's IE 9 mock ups

While we all wait for Microsoft to show off the final UI of IE 9, Neowin users have been putting together a few mockups of what they think the final product may look like. While none of these images are official and should be taken as only the designer’s impression, they do all look like legitimate possibilities.

Some think that the “metro’ design language will be brought into the fold while others feel that it’s to outlandish for a free mass market product. Everything from a modest reduction in the amount of buttons to a completely new arrangement was brought to the table. 

IE 9 is expected to bring many new features to the browser wars and Microsoft is hoping to regain its competitive edge. With expected hardware acceleration and sold improvements on standardization compliance, many are awaiting to see what Microsoft has come up with to keep its head above the water in the browser wars. 

Make sure to check out the gallery below for more mockups. 

For more information about the mockups, check out this thread in the Neowin forums

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