Netflix recommendation sharing on Facebook overhauled

Netflix has started changing the behavior of the recommendation sharing feature with Facebook-linked accounts, in order to reduce spam-like activity and increase engagement.

Social sharing has been one of the key features for Netflix. However, the company has revealed that, users are often reluctant to link their Facebook accounts with the Netflix subscription as it may generate a lot of activity in the news feed. Moreover, the recommendations were previously made public, adding to the privacy concern of users.

To increase the usage of social sharing among users, Netflix will be limiting all the recommendation activity to the user's friends who have themselves linked their Netflix accounts with Facebook. In case the user does not have a linked account, the recommendation will be sent to the Facebook messages inbox, rather than in the news feed.

The latest changes are already being rolled out and should be available on PCs running Windows or Mac, iOS devices, smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation. Android devices will have to wait a few months, according to Netflix.

Source: Netflix Blog | Image via Netflix

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