New M-rated trivia game on the way

New developer, Top Heavy Studios, to deliver topless trivia to PC, consoles.

Representatives from Top Heavy Studios visited the GameSpot offices recently to debut The Guy Game, a trivia game that takes the game show mentality of You Don't Know Jack, crosses it with "The Homeless Game" from the Howard Stern Show, adds a smattering of Girls Gone Wild-style hi-jinks, and stacks a drinking game known as A**hole on top. The game is currently in development for PC, though versions for unspecified consoles are also in the works.

The unique aspect of The Guy Game comes from its Girls Gone Wild influence. The game contains a lot of different video clips of college girls being asked trivia questions on the beach during spring break in South Padre Island, TX. If the girls miss the question, they have to expose their breasts.

News source: GameSpot

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