New service photos show unreleased Power Mac G5

New service and repair documents for Apple's Power Mac G5 computers appear to show images of an unreleased revision to the product line, according to photos and documentation recently obtained by AppleInsider. In May, Apple distributed at least two revisions of the Power Mac service manuals. The first revision appeared on May 12 and featured only minor alterations, but a successive revision published on the 28th of the month reveals some interesting and previously unseen photos (below) of a dual Power Mac G5.

Larger heatsink cover

Over the last 6 months, AppleInsider has consistently published reports of an all dual processor lineup planned for the next Power Mac G5 revision. In line with these reports, the service manual shows a large and unified heat sink cover. The current models, which can have one or two processors, have one heat sink per CPU. Sources also speculate that a revised cooling system could be nestled behind the larger plate cover.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

News source: AppleInsider

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