New Windows 8 Dell tablet TV ad plays baseball with iPad and wins

Microsoft has been taking the fight for Windows 8 on a tablet to Apple hard in the past couple of months, thanks to a new series of TV commercials that attempt to show the iPad's limitations compared to the features in Windows 8. Today, yet another new TV ad made its debut on YouTube that takes us out to the ball game.

The new commercial shows two pro baseball scouts, with one using an iPad and the other using a Windows 8 Dell tablet. Both of the scouts are chatting via video with their bosses in an attempt to sign up a potential star player on the field. However, the person with the iPad is having to switch apps to access information on the player, while the scout with the Windows 8 Dell tablet can bring up information about the player while also continuing to chat with his boss with the "Snap View" feature of the OS.

In the end, the commercial shows that the pro scout with the iPad strikes out thanks to the limitations of the software, while the scout with the Windows 8 tablet scores a home run with his boss by signing up the player. It's not the first time Microsoft has slammed iOS for only running one app at a time and it likely won't be the last.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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