Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 Top Console Sales for March

According to sales numbers released by NPD for the month of March, sales of the new video game systems have cooled slightly although sales of Nintendo DS nearly doubled that of anything else, selling over a half-million units. The PlayStation 2 demonstrated impressive staying power at second place at 280,000 sold, outselling each of the new consoles, possibly attributed to the release of God of War II, the top selling game of the month. The Wii came out on top of the new consoles once again with 259,000 units (down 22%), well ahead of the Xbox 360 at 199,000 (down 12%). The PlayStation 3 lagged behind both the PSP and the Game Boy Advance at 130,000 units sold but it was the only new console to see an increase in sales for the month. The ranking of consoles by sales are as follows:

  1. Nintendo DS - 508K
  2. PlayStation 2 - 280K
  3. Wii - 259K
  4. Xbox 360 - 199K
  5. PlayStation Portable - 180K
  6. Game Boy Advance - 148K
  7. PlayStation 3 - 130K
  8. GameCube - 22K
News source: DailyTech

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