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Sylpheed 2.4.0 Final

Sylpheed is a simple, lightweight but featureful, and easy-to-use e-mail client (mailer, MUA). Sylpheed runs on Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. It also supports Windows. Sylpheed uses GTK+ GUI toolkit. The newest version of Sylpheed works with GTK+ 2.4 or later (2.6 or later is recommended). Sylpheed is a free software distributed under the GNU GPL (the library part is GNU LGPL). You can freely use, modify and redistribute it under the license.

Sylpheed has the following features:

* Simple, beautiful, and well-polished user interface
* Comfortable operationality which is built in detail

* Well-organized, easy-to-understand configuration
* Lightweight operation

* High reliability

* Internationalization and Multilingualization support

* High-level Japanese processing

* Various protocols support
* Security features (GnuPG, SSL/TLSv1)
* Powerful filtering and search
* Junk mail control
* Flexible cooperation with external commands

What's new:

* Junk mails are now filtered when incorporating from local spool.
* The width of toolbar buttons was reduced when the labels are displayed.
* The checking of remote folders doesn't abort with non-fatal errors now except for network failure.
* Close button was added to the address book dialog.
* In-Reply-To header was supported in mailto URL.
* An error message is displayed now when the decryption of PGP encrypted messages failed.
* 'Within 1 day' and 'Last 5 days' was added to the quick search rule.
* The toolbar style switch was added to the toolbar context menu.
* The limitation of the nesting level of MIME structure was relaxed.
* A margin for text was added to the composition window.
* An error dialog is displayed if the execution of junk filter command fails.
* The overwrite confirmation of the file selection dialog was improved.
* The file copy and move operation were optimized.
* The included Japanese manual was updated [view full changelog]

Download: Sylpheed 2.4.0 freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Sylpheed Home Page

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