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Nintendo DS Wifi Bounty Set

A site has been put up by a community of Nintendo DS modders has set up a cash bounty for the first person (and group?) to release an open-source tcp/ip implementation for Nintendo's latest handheld gaming console, the Nintendo Dual Screen's built in WiFi capabilities.

The built in WiFi feature in the DS allows for gamers to play multiplayer games wirelessly within a range or around 30 meters. A custom tcp/ip solution would allow the homebrew community to make custom applications from browsers to simple multipurpose apps for the handheld, ultimately opening the DS for endless possibilities. It's competitor, the PSP, already has a lot of similar homebrew applications.

Slashdot's blurb: "It may not include illegal source from the SDK, it must compile under a free compiler, preferrably GCC, and you can use other libraries as long as they are non-contaminating.

There are also three milestones to the bounty, the first one winning 50%, and the second two winning 25% of the bounty. They are: 1) Figuring out the register set to accomplish (specific list) 2) Implementing correct connect/disconnect code and implementing correct send/recieve code, each of which works both with DSes and PCs and 3) Bootstrapping TCP/IP (or, UDP/IP)"

Nintendo themselves have announced special features yet to be released such as wireless Audio communication via the DS that takes advantages of its built in Wifi capabilities.

View: Nintendo DS WiFi Bounty: $1400 and counting

News source: Slashdot Games

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