Skydrive will not be rebranded as ‘New Drive'

Earlier today, there was a bit of noise around the idea that Microsoft will be renaming SkyDrive to New Drive. Besides sounding absurd, that is not the new name for the platform.

Microsoft has previously used New+Product name as a placeholder for other online services. Back before the launch of, Neowin was able to play around with the beta of the product so that we could have a post ready for the launch of the service. When we were testing the platform, it was referred to as ‘NewMail’, which you can clearly see in the screenshot above.

We know that Microsoft will be renaming the service soon and the fact that New Drive is now showing up in various places across the web, likely indicates that the rebranding will happen in the near future. What the new name will be, however, is still up in the air as there hasn’t been any solid leaks to give us a better clue for the new brand name.

Further, if you go to, it redirects to, this seems to make New Drive a more legitimate as a possible name, right? Wrong. Guess what, also redirects to and in fact, any pre-fix with drive in will redirect to Skydrive.

Microsoft could go with a simple name like Microsoft Drive but others have guessed it could be Office Driver or Azure Drive. While Microsoft has not given any hints, you can bet it will take someone a very long time to dig up all the places SkyDrive has been mentioned and replace it with the new branding.

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