Nokia confirms first Windows Phone coming in Q4

Microsoft has a lot going for its Windows Phone platform. After inking a deal with Nokia to produce Windows Phone hardware and showing off 'Mango', the platform is heading in the right direction. While Nokia based hardware is a few months away, Nokia has confirmed that it will have a Windows Phone device on the market in Q4 of 2011.

This latest bit of information comes after Nokia cut its earnings forecast for 2011. Nokia stated (via Zdnet):

“We recognize the need to deliver great mobile products, and therefore we must accelerate the pace of our transition. Our teams are aligned, and we have increased confidence that we will ship our first Nokia product with Windows Phone in the fourth quarter 2011.”

Nokia is betting heavily on Windows Phone and while not entirely dropping Symbian, all of its premium based devices will now use the Microsoft OS. While the verdict is still out on if this will be a successful move for Nokia, they were losing marketshare to Android and iOS; a drastic change of course was needed for the company.

Microsoft is also betting big with Nokia too. There are many rumors that Nokia will receive elevated privileges from the deal which could harm Microsoft's other vendor relationships. Notably, HTC is known for heavily customizing Android and you can bet that they would want the same privileges as Nokia when it comes to platform alterations.

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