Nokia dropping teasers for same day as Microsoft's big announcement

Microsoft has quickly thrown together a media event for Monday and the tech community has been furiously trying to figure out what the company is going to announce. While we still do not have any strong evidence as to what exactly that announcement will be, Nokia is now dropping teaser images for the same date as Microsoft's announcement. 

The images that see above clearly call out the same day as Microsoft's big announcement and considering that Nokia and Microsoft are in bed together, they are likely announcing something together. Many are speculating that it will be a Nokia built, Microsoft branded tablet but that is just a rumor at this point.

We only have a few more days to go until Microsoft makes their big announcement (and we will be there!) but there is a lot we still do not know about what will be announced. Whatever it is, Nokia will most likely be helping out but until Monday rolls around, your guess is as good as ours (below is our previous mockup of a Nokia branded tablet).  

[Update] It looks like it might be the Nokia PureView announcement according to allthingsd for the US market.

Via: The Nokia Blog
Source: Nokia Facebook Page

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