nPerf: Vodafone UK provides the best mobile internet performance followed by EE

A new report from testing company nPerf reveals that Vodafone provides the best mobile internet performance among the four networks in the UK. nPerf’s analysis factors in download speeds, upload speeds, latency, browsing performance, and streaming performance before awarding each company a certain amount of nPoints. Vodafone scored 78,284 nPoints, EE received 73,917 nPoints, Three came in third place with 57,223 nPoints, and O2 was left trailing with 53,445 nPoints.

When it came to individual categories, Vodafone UK came first in the download speed (50.35 Mb/s) and upload speed (13.66 Mb/s) tests while being ranked the joint winner with EE on latency (43.99 ms), browsing performance (70.55%), and streaming performance (83.92%). Vodafone and EE also took the same positions when London was looked at in isolation.

In a statement, Vodafone said:

“The nPerf results come hot on the heels of umlaut’s network benchmarking, which also confirmed the speed as well as the reliability of Vodafone’s 4G network in various locations and scenarios across the UK. These impressive test results follow Vodafone UK’s £4.5bn investment in its network over the past five years.”

The UK’s networks have all started to roll out 5G connectivity in major population centres. Over the coming years, faster speeds will be available across more of the country. It’ll be interesting to see whether Vodafone can keep its lead in these types of tests as its rivals boost their 5G coverage.

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