NV30 Rumours revealed

No sooner than you can say GeForce 4 there are new rumors floating about on an ever newer chipset dubbed "NV30" Thanks go to Razvan for the heads up on these "rumoured" specs which even go as far as a new OpenGL called "nvBlur":

  • Omen Card

  • AGP 4x and 8x

  • Copper Core Gpu Processor 0.13 m default clock 450 MHz

  • 73 million transistors

  • 8 pipes

  • Quad Vertex Shaders

  • Dual Pixel Shaders

  • 85 bone capable

  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture III

  • Quad Cache memory caching subsystem

  • Dual Z-buffers for greater compression without losses

  • Visibility subsystem

  • NvAuto advanced pre-charge

    There maybe a new form of cooling the GPU, where the GPU will have a hole in the middle and through the board (can we call it a POLO mint? - ED), so the hottest area of the GPU gets more efficient cooling.

    View: Full details @ MultiXPerience

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