Official Windows Phone 8 app for Windows 8 updated

If you own a Windows Phone 8 smartphone such as one of Nokia's Lumia phones or the HTC Windows Phone 8X, and if you also own a PC with Windows 8 or Windows RT installed, you can link the two devices together with the official Windows Phone app for Windows 8.

The app recently received an update in the Windows Store that adds a few new features that should prove helpful for Windows Phone 8 owners. The new version will let users who connect a Windows Phone 8 smartphone to a PC a way to transfer new playlists and ringtones from that Windows 8 or RT PC to the smartphone. Additionally, the newly updated app will also allow users to view any videos that have been recorded on a Windows Phone 8 product directly on the app.

As we have reported a few days ago, Microsoft is hiring people to work on a project that's designed to have Windows Phone apps work with Windows 8 and vice-versa with no porting needed. If that happens we can expect to see an explosion of new apps for both operating systems.

Source: Windows Store via| Image via Microsoft

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