OnePlus CEO says company "all in" on 5G, hints at a more "modest specced" OnePlus 8

OnePlus launched the 7T Pro back in October 2019, and with it came the company’s most expensive device – the 7T Pro 5G McLaren at $899.99. While the company has always boasted of offering high-end specs at an affordable price point, the rising costs of its flagships made it seem like the firm too was heading towards pricing phones close to the $1000 mark.

However, CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, in an interview with Cnet reiterated that the company has “always had a position in creating the best product possible at the best price point”. Speaking to the publication, Lau reaffirmed the company’s commitment to offering 5G capable devices. He adds that “technology does add costs” which is why technology such as 5G increases the cost of a phone in comparison to its 4G enabled counterparts.

Lau spoke about the company’s commitment to 5G, stating that it has been investing in 5G for “several years” and that it sees this technology as the direction going forward as it goes “all-in” on 5G. For those wary of the company joining the $1000 smartphone league, the CEO reassures that that wouldn’t be the case. He says that there will likely be an expensive “Pro” version of its upcoming phone, with a regular version with modest specs with a lower asking price.

The CEO's comments align with rumors of a lower-end OnePlus 8 Lite device. While the OnePlus 8 is expected to be announced in April, the more affordable mid-ranger is rumored to launch sometime in July.

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