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OnePlus does it again by releasing a truly cringeworthy ad

OnePlus manages to do it again - unleashing upon the world an advertisement for its OnePlus 3T that takes it just a tad bit further than expected.

While the advert starts off fairly normal with random folks confessing their feelings bringing slight sexual undertones, it quickly becomes bizarre when things start to get physical. Although it might be normal to caress a handset like the '3T', nibbling the edges and tonguing the screen are probably indications that things have gone a bit too far.

OnePlus has been known to have questionable judgment when it comes to the promotion of its mobile devices. While it has been quite some time, it's still hard to forget when the firm encouraged people to smash up their own phones, ran a sexist photo contest, ditched swappable covers that were promised, and more.

So what is the purpose of this? OnePlus is running a competition over the next nine days that will see the winner come away with two personalized OnePlus 3T handsets. All you need to do to enter is sign up on the contest web page, share who you'd want to share the prize with, "like" the Facebook page, tweet the video to friends, and share why you love your phone.

Source: OnePlus

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