OnePlus shows off Dash Charge capability besting Google's Pixel XL

It wasn't that long ago that OnePlus unveiled its latest handset, the OnePlus 3T. It was a minor bump in specifications from the previous OnePlus 3 and offered a better processor, higher storage capacity, improved front-facing camera, and bigger battery. With its larger battery in tow, OnePlus has released a video showing off its charging prowess against Google's Pixel XL.

In this battle, OnePlus shows off its Dash Charge versus Google's fast charging - while both devices are under a heavy load using navigation. After a quick 30 minute drive around the city, OnePlus comes out the victor by being able to charge up to 57%, while Google's Pixel XL only made it to 19%.

It's good to see OnePlus' Dash Charge solution perform well under high load like GPS, but since it is a proprietary technology, you will need to make sure to not only have a compatible charger, but also a compatible cable. It might not be as convenient as walking into your local electronics store, but OnePlus does offer its car charger on the OnePlus online shop for $29.95. If you're looking to purchase an extra cable, you'll be able to pick up a secondary one for $14.95.

Source: OnePlus

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