Open Rights Group launch campaign to raise awareness of Britain's state surveillance

At the start of November, the British Government published the Investigatory Powers Bill - this would enshrine in law all the powers that Edward Snowden revealed the Government had. As a response, Open Rights Group - Britain's Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) - have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The money will be used to make an easy-to-understand short film being produced to help educate people on surveillance.

In summary, the Investigatory Powers Bill would allow:

  • Government bodies such as the police, security services or even HMRC would gain the ability to hack into anyone's phone or computer. Targets wouldn't need to be under suspicion to be targeted.
  • ISPs will be forced to keep a record of the apps and websites we visit. Again this will be carried out without the need for you to be suspected of a crime.
  • The security services will be able to continue tapping underground cables to collect up our data in real time.
  • The security services will be able to access and analyse databases of personal information about millions of people who are not suspected of a crime. Such databases include the phone book, the electoral roll or databases of everyone attended an event of some sort.

The Open Rights Group alleges that an 'unprecedented' PR campaign has been under way for a long time. They point out that 'spooks' gave interviews on current affairs programme 'the One Show' as well as giving The Times newspaper a tour around GCHQ's HQ in Cheltenham.

Anyone wanting to add their support financially, can pay between £3 - £1,500. Regarding perks, ORG are giving away mouse mats, advanced screenings, ORG's 10 years birthday book, as well as the opportunity to get your name in the credits of the film.

Although not an official confirmation of the film's arrival date, the estimated delivery for each of the perks - including the 24 hour advanced screening - is February 2016.

Source: Open Rights Group (Indiegogo)

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