OSx86 in the Wild, again...

The OSx86 Project is reporting that a variant of the Mac OS X for x86 has been leaked to torrent sites, not the first time a 'crippled' version has been leaked, this one it seems is running on vmware and has been altered to run on non-SSE-3 machines.

"We can confirm that a torrent containing a VMware image of Tiger x86 has been leaked to a major torrent site. This virtual hard drive image has supposedly been hacked to circumvent TPM and run on non-SSE3 machines. Sources tell us that the "author" of this torrent used the PearPC emulator to extract necessary files from an installation of the DVD that was leaked a few weeks ago. We obviously have not tested this image (and will not, due to its blatant violation of the DMCA) but we will report more on its quality as we receive word"
Note: Please refrain from posting links to the torrent file, members who disregard this request will be shown no mercy!

News source: The OSx86 Project

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