Parents in Taiwan are now legally obliged to limit their kids' computer time

It is quite a given fact that many children these days spend a lot of time playing on the computer, their phones, or on a tablet. It seems that Taiwan is apparently very aware of this, and has recently expanded an existing law that puts a limit on the usage time for children whenever using gadgets, Quartz reports.

The law states that children under 18 “may not constantly use electronic products for a period of time that is not reasonable.” The regulation also puts excessive computer or similar gadgets usage on par with common vices like smoking, drinking, chewing betel nuts and doing drugs.

The regulation declares that parents who let their children stare at a screen for an extended period of time that makes them "mentally or physically" ill will be charged a fine that can reach as much as $1,600. However, it has not been mentioned how much time must be spent in front of a screen for it to be considered excessive.

Nonetheless, it has been reported that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours a day of "screen time" for children, though some teens can spend at least 11 hours each day looking at electronic displays. It has also been recommended by the organization that TV's and devices that have internet access should not be allowed inside children's bedrooms.

Source: Quartz | Image via Shutterstock

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