Paul Thurrott: Serious Windows Home Server concerns

As is the case with my problems with the Xbox 360s Fall 2007 Dashboard Update, where I am having many issues that no one else seems to be having, Im sort of hoping that what Im seeing on Windows Home Server (WHS) lately is just me. But Im concerned enough about these issues to at least just throw them out there and see what happens. Heres whats up. First, Ive literally just completed my switch-over to WHS and have taken down my previous Windows Server 2003-based server. Im using HPs Media Smart Server and have added two 512 GB drives for a total of 2 TB of storage. I really only need 1 TB but I do use WHSs data duplication functionality extensively, so what the heck. Plus its backing up several PCs regularly. The point of all this is that Im really using this thing. Its not a best test or an experiment. My data is all on this server.

The HP has had a troubling number of hard drive corruption issues. These issues seem to be occurring mostly on a single disk, but thats not necessarily true, so I will keep watching this. Occasionally, I will logon to Vista in the morning, see a red WHS icon and click it to discover that somethings wrong with a hard disk. WHS lets you repair these problems, and it takes a long time but always seems to work. I dont have any offsite backup so this is troubling. I am experimenting with backing up to my old Firewire 800-based BiggerDisks over the network, but its slow, and if the WHS-based data is corrupted, Im screwed anyway. Im not sure if its my router or my home server, but three times now Ive gotten an alert that the remote access feature had stopped working. Just navigating to the Remote Access tab of the Settings dialog triggers a re-configuration, and that does work each time. But what if Im away when this stops working and thus cant access my files remotely? It sort of renders the feature moot, doesnt it?

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